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New Roblox Strucid Codes (2021)

Welcome to one of the best guides on Roblox Strucid Codes 2021. We keep this guide updated whenever it is created and updated anywhere on the internet. Below you will find the best and most updated list for Strucid Codes 2020.

But before starting with the strucid code list lets talk about Roblox Strucid first. Strucid is created by Frosted Studio. You can invite your friends and anyone else you want to play and start fighting together. So now lets start with the list of codes for roblox strucid.

List of Roblox Strucid Codes 2021

Below you will find the biggest of strucid codes. These codes provides coins, weapons, guns, swords etc. Here are the list of active codes.

 christmas Redeem code to get 5,000 coins
joehe Get 5000 free coins using given strucid code
sup Receive 5000 coins for free
CIRCLEThis Strucid code gives 5,000 free coins
WEATHERGet a 20,000 coin credit using this code
FIVESTARRedeem another strucid code for 5,000 free coins
STRIXGet a free cool blaster using this code
WARUse this code and get the best weapon
FIREGet new guns with this Strucid code
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All the codes mentioned in the above table are mostly working but they have a tendency to expire without notification. So please do inform us if any of the code has expired. And the new codes will be updated as soon as they are published, so keep coming back.

Old list of codes for Strucid

WASEX : This code used to give 20,000 Free coins

HIVE : Have a cool Blaster

STRUI : Get a godly sword

ASON : the mention strucid code provided godly weapon

1000FX : Get 1,000  coins for free

FXNTFS : Fight with a godly weapon

QUICK : Redeem this code to get a quick credit of 20,000 coins

FORMAT : Use the new blaster to fight with your enemies and

ONEPLUS : Get one more disastrous blaster to fight your enemies

GUN : This code provided a new kind of gun

NEBULA : This code gives a special weapon

So, most of the players have already used these roblox strucid codes. Furthermore, most of the codes from above list have already gone expired. But you can still try your luck. But we move the expired codes to this list, so there is hardly a chance that you will find any working strucid code.

Strucid Achievement Badges

Just as most of the other Roblox games, Strucid also provides achievement badges to the overachievers of the game. So here are the badges that they give.

Strucid BadgeTitleDescription
Early Tester

This badge is rewarded to those who purchased paid access in the early stages of development and become a tester.

You Killed The Creator!This badge is given when you kill the creator and let us tell, no one so far has been able to kill the creator and get this badge.

Strucid Hacks and Short Building Keys

Strucid is one of the most addictive and popular shooting game on the Roblox with crazily fun building mechanism. This is what the game page says and when you play the game you will that it is actually true.

Furthermore, you can use the below mentioned short keys or one can say control keys to play the game.

B – Trap

C – Floor

F – Pyramid

G – Edit

Q – Wall

V – Ramp

U – Front Veiw

Z – Emote

Furthermore, you can also shift the keys to your gaming mouse. This way all the keys will be close to your hand.

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Strucid Store

Moreover, one can also purchase many items on strucid store. Do check them out.

Redeem Codes in Strucid 2021

After you have found the strucid codes then it is time for redeeming the code. It is quite easy actually. In order to redeem the code you are required to copy the code first. Then follow below.

After you have launch the Strucid in the Roblox. Look to the right upper corner, there you will find the Redeem button with a field to put the code in, just like the one shown above.  Put the code and hit the redeem button. You will get the reward if the code is working. And if not you will have to try another code.

Purchase Strucid Coins

You can also purchase more coins. Got to the shop column. There you will find the the cost to purchase the coins. The coins cost some Roblox Robux. Below is the cost chart of Strucid Coins.

Just like you can see, you get more ad more discount on the bigger coins package. The maximum discount is of 34% on the on the 5,999 R$ package.

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