Roblox Murder Mytery 2 Codes

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Codes Legit List {2021}

If you have been searching for working Roblox Murder Mystery 2 codes then we assure you, you have found them. Below we provide the best mm2 codes 2021.

New Codes for Roblox Murder Mystery 2

Note : We will add more working murder mystery codes very soon. Till then stay tuned!

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Codes (Currently Not Working)

Below we have put together the active mm2 codes. You use them in the game by simply typing them or you can also copy them directly from the below mentioned table.

Murder Mystery 2 Codes 2021 DescriptionImage

Combat II: It provides a common Knife

      mm2 code for knife
PR1SMPRISM : This mm2 code also provides common knifemm2 code for knife
AL3XALEX: provides a cool knifemm2 code for knife


NEON: This murder mystery code gives green hunters knifemm2 code for knife
SK00LSLOOL: Given mm2 code gives a knife looking like a pencilmm2 code for knife
R3PT1L3Reptile: Here is another murder mystery 2 code that gives a reptile skin colored knifemm2 code for knife
HW2020Pumpkin: This mm2 code gives a Halloween pumpkinmm2 code for knife

All the MM2 Codes tends to expire very soon. You can take the idea of this from the fact that there is no working code available right now.

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One more thing, please alert us if any of these murder mystery 2 codes have already expired. We will take them. Also, visit this blog to stay updated with the new codes. We update new mm2 codes as soon as they are out.

Expired List of MM2 Codes

We have already provided you the active MM2 codes. But now we are also going to provide you with the codes that have already gone expired.

  • C0RL
  • D3NIS
  • SUB0
  • INF3CT3D
  • SUB0
  • G003Y
  • F1RSTC0D3
  • 2015
  • TH3N3XTL3V3L
  • G1FT3D

Well, we really hope to add new mm2 codes as soon as possible. You can also contribute by submitting any active murder mystery 2 code that we have missed above.

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Updates

Team Nikilis (who created murder mystery 2) has rolled out a new update this month for the game. The special thing about this new update is that they have created two new powers as well a new murder mystery box has been added to the game.

New Murder Mystery Box

new mystery box

Murder mystery 2 developer team has announced a murder mystery box which contains exciting prizes like knifes, guns, dresses etc. But this mystery box is only found by those exceptional players who solves every task given in the game as well as the first season of murder mystery.

New Powers

Murder Mystery is know for its mysteries which requires excellent detective skills to solve. To help the detectives complete their conquests, the game developers has announced two new powers. These are :

  1. + TRAP

Murder Mystery Season 1

murder mystery season 1

These is an exciting news for all the murder mystery 2 players. From this month the first season of the game has started. In this season your skills as a detective will be tested to its fullest. Exciting gifts will be given to the winning detectives, along with distinction and season badges. So, get ready to perform your best.

How to apply MM2 Codes

Codes in Murder Mystery 2 are similar to any other coupon & promos. They all provide free featured gifts to the one who use them. You can also claim these codes by going into the inventory and apply them there. One can get various free items like knife, guns or even a pet. Different codes provide different things.

Lets show you how you can claim these mm2 codes, step by step.

How to redeem Murder Mystery 2 Codes

Step 1 : The very first step actually is to copy the code from above and then open the Murder Mystery game. Then when the game loads then click on the ‘Inventory’ mentioned on the left side.

Step 2 : So after you have opened the inventory, you will find a box to put in the code in the right lower corner. There paste/ write the code and if the code is in valid form then the Redeem button will glow blue in color. Hit the button and enjoy the gift. (Provided that the code is in working condition and if it is not then there will be a ‘Expired’ dialogue given in place of the Redeem button)

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About Roblox Murder Mystery 2

Are you good at hiding the crime or solving it. Well if you are not sure then you can find about it by playing Roblox Murder Mystery 2 which gives a chance to be a murderer, sheriff or even an innocent citizen. You can choose to be whatever you want to and every character has its own powers and work to do.

Innocent: You can choose to run and hide from the murderer or you can use your detective skills to find out who the real ‘Murderer’ is.

Sheriff: Be the law enforcer and protect the innocent citizens by finding out the murderer’s identity.

Murderer: Be the mischievous one and kill everyone without getting caught.

Note: The new codes are always updated here or you can find them at Nikilis‘ Twitter page. (He is the creator of the game)

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