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Latest Roblox Island Royale Codes 2020 – wiki

Welcome to the custom list of Roblox Island Royale Codes 2020. Your search for the legit working island royale codes is over now because you have come to the one place where you will find all the working and trending codes. And the best part is that the codes are updated here as soon as they are created by the developers team. So you might wanna bookmark this guide for the best experience!


Roblox Island Royale Codes (Active)

island royale codes

Island Royale codes mostly provides items, pets, gems, coins and more. Redeem the active codes of Roblox Island Royale.

RBBATTLESSOON : Apply this code to get 10,000 coins for free

YAYSOONYAY : here is the second island royale code that gives 5,000 coins

OGSKELLINGTON : Apply new Island Royale Code (NEW)

DUOZWMODEFR : Redeem this code to get the reward (NEW)



 Island Royale Codes Description
 Use this code to get 50K strength
c0deGet 20,000 free bucks with this island royale code
redeem this code and get 5000 bucks
THANGYYYYYAnother code for 25,000 free bucks
CHUBBYCODEEnjoy 20,000 free buckscredits using this island royale code
newCODEAnother code for 10,000 free bucks
Redeem this legit code for free credit of 5,000 bucks
CYBERRESPAWNSRedeem new Roblox Island Royale code 2020
WOAHACODEGet a credit of 10,000 Free credit of island Royale bucks

 We will update the given list soon.So stay tuned to this list.

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Note: We do not make new codes, we just update the new codes on this guide. Only Rumble Studios admins can generate new codes and distribute over various platforms. We just pick them up and collect them all one place. So, you can get them all easily.


Older Roblox Island Royale Codes

After sharing the active codes for Roblox Island Royale, we are going t share with you the other older codes for the roblox game. Most of the players have already claimed these codes, but you can still check them out. There might be a code that you still have not used, so pay attention. 

JULY4BROThis Island Royale Code gives 5000 free bucks Not Active
REDCLIFFGiven code on redeeming gives 10000 bucks Not Active
CLOVERTo get 20,000 bucks for free redeem this code Not Active
SOONSOONAnother promo code to get 500 coins Not Active
BUTTERYSMOOTH8000 free coins can be be achieved using given code Not Active
2KGet 2,000 free bucks Not Active
BEACHDAYRedeem roblox island royale code and get 50,000 bucks Not Active
EMPERORAnother roblox island royale code wiki that gives 10,000 bucks Not Active
CHEERSEnjoy the Island Royale to the fullest by using this code Not Active
VIPGet a VIP feeling using this code for 50,000 free bucks Not Active
GUNSRedeem island royale code active for 20,000 bucks Not Active
MAFIOSOGet 10,000 bucksPossibly active
RULERApply code in Island Royale & get 30,000 bucks Not Active
AGENTRedeem another legit Island Royale Code 2020 Not Active
BOOMFor 2000 bucks redeem this code Not Active
100MAnother code for 20,000 Island Royale bucks Not Active
BLINGBLINGWe give you one of few code for free 50,000 bucks Not Active
YAYBUILDINGClaim the given code roblox to get 20,000 bucks Not Active
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Expired Island Royale Codes

So here are the olden Island Royale Codes, most of them already expired.

EVENTMAP : Get 5000 free bucks by redeeming this code 

WOOOONEWMAP  : Apply this code and get 500 free bucks

TOMMY : Get a free 20,000 bucks when you use the given Island Royale Code

TIKTIME : Moreover, we give you the next best island royale code wiki that used to give 50,000 bucks

OBAH : You would get 10,000 bucks on using this code

MELONWATER : Apply the mentioned code in Island Royale

OGSOONAAA : Alternate Island Royale code for 10,000 free bucks

FLINTLOCKGG : Furthermore, this code on claiming definitely gave 25,000 free bucks

GINGER : Enjoy Island Royale code and get 2000 bucks for free

FUNSTREAM : If you need 10,000 bucks all for free then make sure to use give Island Royale Code 2020

SNOWIN : Enjoy the Christmas with new Code for Island Royale

DROPDEATHFIXYAY : Moreover, redeem another island royale codes twitter

2019! : Enjoy the New Year with this new year code

NEWB : Island Royale Code for 15,000 bucks

ZOOM : Get 20,000 bucks

BONBON : Apply the code and get 20,000 free coins

DEPLOY : Get 50,000 coins by using the given roblox promo code for Island royale

OOPSIE : Island royale codes twitter to receive

YAYFEATURED : Furthermore, enjoy Island Royale to the fullest on claiming this code

SEASON4 : Start season 4 with this code getting 20,000 buck

TIKITIME : Moreover, we give you another code for Roblox Island Royale

EASTERDAY : Enjoy the Easterday with 20,000 free bucks

MERCHWOO : Redeem the code and get 20,000 free coins

TOMMY : Island Royale Code wiki to get 10,000 free bucks

NEWMODES : This code gives 10,000 bucks for free

SOONSOON : You will get 20,000 bucks as soon as you redeem the given island royale code

REDCLIFF : Here is a code for 5,000 free bucks

HAWYEE : Furthermore, we promise you that this code provides 20,000 free bucks

NITROBOST2WOO : Enjoy by claiming new island royale code 2020 and getting 30,000 coins

TIKIBON : The mentioned code gives 50,000 bucks for free

Note: All the codes mentioned are expired. But there could be a chance that we might have put an active code accidentally. So you can give them a try.


Badges in Island Royale

Roblox Island Royale provides various badges when you completes or achieves new levels by completing various tasks. Below is the list of various badges with their names and descriptions mentioned.

Title Badge Description
Solo Victory!badge 1Achieve a Solo Victory!
Duo Victory! badge 2Achieve a Duo Victory!
Squad Victory!
badge 3Achieve a Squad Victory!
High Roller!
badge 4Have over 250,000 Bucks!
Squad Up!
badge 5

Join a game with a group of four friends in Squads!

Look Mom!badge 6Achieve a TOP THREE spot on the Win/Kill Global Leaderboards at the end of the week!
Excalibur!badge 7You found the magical sword!
RIP JURRDbadge 8You eliminated me!
roblox island royale badge 9

Hit a long shot in game of 1,000 meters or higher!

Trio Victory!
roblox island royale badge 10Achieve a Trio Victory!
???badge 11???
???roblox island royale badge 12???
Arena Victory!
island royale badge 13Achieve an Arena Victory!
Arena Top Placement!
island royale badge 14Achieve a TOP THREE spot on the Arena Leaderboard at the end of the weekend!


How to Redeem Roblox Island Royale Codes

If you play Roblox games regularly, then sooner or later you are going to have to use Roblox Promo Codes. It is kind of the only way to make things easier and more fun in the roblox games. For these codes you will have to look for on various social media platforms or what you can do is visit PromoCodeHive and just search for what you looking for. Furthermore, We have already provided you with the active list of Roblox Island Royale Codes.

And if you are wondering how to use these codes in the game to get the benefit out of it then we are going share with you the way of using Roblox Promo Codes, which varies from game to game. Below you will find the various ways to use Island Royale codes. Just follow these simple steps.

Redeem Roblox Island Royal Codes

Step 1 : After you have launched the Island Royale game go to the Codes option on the upper right corner as marked in the above mentioned image. Click on the Codes button.

Step 2 : Now, you will see a dialogue box just as shown above. Furthermore, copy the code that you want to redeem from above Island Royale Codes List and paste in the Enter Code Box.

Step 3 : Furthermore, after entering the code you will see a Redeem button below the code box just as shown in the above image. Now hit that Redeem button.

If the code is legit and active then you will get the benefit that the code promised. But if it is not active or legit then you will have to try another code through the above three steps.

Redeeming Island Royale codes is that simple.



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