Redeem New Pokemon Go Friend Codes 2021

We have created a whole new guide to provide you the best pokemon go friend codes list. We have worked really hard to make sure all the codes for pokemon go friends are active and working. Furthermore, we keep on adding new codes every chance we get, so might wanna bookmark this guide.

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Pokemon Go Friend Codes List 2021

Below is a long list of Pokemon Go friend codes. Enjoy :

  • 995300387356
  • 633628843017
  • 896600776698
  • 854500411452
  • 496860278984
  • 378169868429
  • 512750467860
  • 412536003351
  • 099219382348
  • 211886493077
  • 593159652296
  • 090390888043
  • 654402796379
  • 879041160100
  • 467355442270
  • 175365036437
  • 912102208474
  • 560765071739
  • 928058652772
  • 218964733226
  • 944822235146
  • 556288788833
  • 894722435643
  • 700937696760
  • 099219382348
  • 622363879048
  • 629909894184
  • 430046261940
  • 566121845742
  • 167802856234
  • 847955983213
  • 880522807504
  • 700937696760
  • 654402796379
  • 090390888043
  • 996732400721
  • 988771617475
  • 006681384743
  • 178099297256
  • 951503147167
  • 341626929692
  • 445193158737
  • 105119336477
  • 211886493077
  • 654402796379
  • 941533973659
  • 680018009884
  • 040270407040

There are up to 200 friends that you can add in your friends list. And if you want to add more friends then you will have to unfriend some of your existing friends.

How to add friends in Pokemon Go

It is quite easy to add friends on Pokemon Go. You just have to get the Pokemon Go Friend code (some which we have provided above) or you can scan the QR code of the trainers you want to add as friends. Moreover, you can also add you facebook friends.  If you do not know how to redeem a Pokemon Go friend code or scan the QR code then follow the instructions given below :

By Pokemon Go Friend Codes:

add new pokemon go friend codes

The first and mostly used method is by using the Pokemon Go Friends code. This code is unique for every player. To get this code you must clicking on your avatars picture given at the lower left corner of your phone. There you will find two tabs, one termed ‘Me’ & other termed as ‘Friends’. 

Go to friends  and hit Add Friend button. By hitting this button you will find a screen like this.

Add the 12 digit code from above or any other pokemon go friends code and hit the enter button. Your friend request will be sent to the concerned trainer.

Just as the image shown above, you will be able to find your trainers code. You can share you Pokemon Go friends code with your friends directly from this page as well.

Add friends by scanning QR Codes :

go to qr code scanner

Here is second method which is also the simplest. Just click on the QR code in the add friends tab. There your camera scanner will open which will allow you to scan the code of your friends trainer code. Once the scan is complete which will hardly take a few seconds, your friend request will be sent to your owner of that QR code.

Pokemon Go Friend codes with QR Codes

Furthermore. on this QR Code page you will also be able to open your own QR code which other trainers can use to add you as your friend.

Add Facebook Friends

add facebook friends

This is the last method to add new friends in Pokemon Go. This will help you to add your Facebook friends to the game. This is the best way to add your existing friends into the game.

Remove a Friend

It also quite easy to remove any friend. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Friends Tab
  2. Now open your Friends List and find the friend you want to unfriend.
  3. There will be an unfriend button. Hit the button. That’s it. You have unfriended that trainer.

Moreover, the trainer you just unfriended will not be notified that you have unfriended them. But there is a downside to unfriend a friend in Pokemon Go. All your achievements and bonuses will no longer be applicable.

Furthermore, there is a few days time period given to you in which you can add the trainer back to your friends list and all of your winning, achievements and bonuses will be restored back to normal.

Friendship Levels & Benefits

There are many benefits you will get by adding other friends. By adding other trainers as your friends you will get many benefits and bonuses like, you will be able to raid together, as well as get extra special pokeballs, trade, send gifts and many other benefits.

Furthermore, apart from this, you will be able to see information about that friend’s Avatar, their number pokemons as well which pokemon they caught recently, their XP, distance traveled during game as well as how many battles they have won. 

There are five levels that you can achieve in Pokemon Go. viz.

  • Friends
  • Good Friends
  • Great Friends
  • Ultra Friends
  • Best Friends

For every activity you completed every day, trading and sending gifts you will be able to complete certain mile stones. The more milestones you achieve, the better your friendship will grow and you will be able to get more and more benefits.

Furthermore, every Friendship Level has its own special benefits and bonuses. Find about them below in detail :


It is the most basic level in the pokemon go. You will get to this level by simply adding a trainer as your friend.


There is just one benefit at this level that is that you will be able to exchange your existing pokemons in pokedex. And that too with an exception of mythical pokemons.

Good Friends

Good friends level comes after you have completed your first day together. At this level you will be given a 1 heart in the friendship index to show your friendship level.


On getting to this level, you will unlock a Special trades feature. 

Great Friends

The this level is ‘Great Friends‘. To get to this level you will have to play the Pokemon Go for at least 7 days. Only then you will unlock the second heart & the bonuses along with it.


There are many benefits  that come with Great friends. they are given in detail below:

  • You will an extra premier ball while going on raids along side your great friends.
  • The amount of stardust required while trading with your great friends will be reduced a little.
  • Furthermore, you will also get a small boost during the raids while playing with your great friends.

Ultra Friends

The Ultra Friends is unlocked after you have completed 30 days of playing together. This level ranks second in terms of benefits and bonuses.


The benefits that come with the tag of Ultra Friends are mentioned below:

  • First of all you will be able to share EX Raid Invite with your Ultra Friends.
  • You will get 2 premier balls for the raids made together with Ultra Friends.
  • Furthermore, there will be medium boost during the raids as well as battles.
  • Moreover, the stardust required for making a trade with others will be reduced drastically.

Best Friends

This is the last as well as most beneficial level in pokemon go. The Best Friend level is unlocked after you have completed 90 days / 3 months playing together.


Best Friend level gives the most benefits among all the levels of friendship. It is the highest level of friendship in pokemon. The benefits and bonuses that come along with this level are mentioned below:

  • You will be able to share the EX Raid Invite with one another.
  • The amount of star dust required for trading will be the least.
  • While raiding, you will get 4 premium balls.
  • Moreover, you will get the strongest boost while battling/ raiding along side your Best Friend.

These are all the levels and benefits in the Pokemon Go. You can increase the level by playing together everyday, raiding together, going on battles along side each other, trading as well gifting each other stuff.

Furthermore, if you have any other query you can contact us or you can also check it with Pokemon Go Friends official page.

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