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Lyft Promo Codes For Existing Users | NEW & WORKING 2021

We welcome you to our promo codes guide on Lyft. Redeem all the Lyft Promo Codes list and save more more on your rides. Lyft is your friend with a car whenever you need one and PromoCodeHive is the friend with a coupon codes whenever you need.

List of Lyft Promo Codes 2021

Below is the list of working promo codes for Lyft. Redeem all these codes while you still can or you will lose all the savings that you could have.

$10 OFF on first 2 rides : NEWUSER10

In this offer you can save up to $10 on your first 2 rides. For this, you have to set your ride according to your location through the app or site from your phone and enter the code given by us. Just keep in mind that this code is valid only for new users.

$5 OFF next Ride : JASMINE53783

Redeem lyft promo code and save $5 discount on minimum fare of $20

60% off on lyft : COURTNEY74658

Furthermore, this code gives up to 60% discount on lyft rides.

$5 OFF Lyft Coupon : ERIC39162

Here is another promo code which will give you $5 discount on every

$9 off on next 3 rides  : LYFTCOUPON9

Furthermore using this Lyft coupon you save $9 on your 3rd ride. Just for this you have to enter the code while setting up your ride.

$20 OFF on next 10 rides: 20LYFTPROMO

If you are already engaged with Lyft and continuously use its rides, then we have brought you a great offer in which you can save $2 on every single ride. The given code is valid up to 10 rides, so you can save up to $20 on 10 riders.

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About Lyft

Lyft is an American Transportation Networking Company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It is operated by the mobile app and the Lyft website ( Lyft is the basic and most popular offering that matches passengers with nearby drivers. Its services include car rides, scooters and bicycle-sharing system.

This is a public company that provides its Ride-sharing services in 9 cities in Canada and 640 cities in the United States. Lyft was discovered by Logan Green and John Zimmer. It founded in 9th June, 2012. Under the year 2018, with Revenue of US$ 2.157 billion, its Total Assets are US$ 3.76 billion.

It was discovered by computer programmer Logan Green and John Zimmer on June 9, 2012. Logan Green received inspiration for Zimride after sharing the ride to meet his girlfriend in Los Angeles, from the University of California, Santa Barbara campus. (Zimride Company was named from Zimbabwe country, now this company known as Lyft).

Moreover, in May 2013, the company officially changed its name from Zimride to Lyft. It is employed with approximate 5560 employees with its subsidiary company Motivate.


Lyft provides you with many products at discount. In it you get Car Rides (Lyft, Lyft XL, Luxury, Luxury Black, Luxury Black XL and Shared Ride), Scooter Rides and Insurance.

lyft promo codes

For Driver requirements:  Lyft drivers are classified as independent contractors. If you want a driver’s job in Lyft, there are some policies in Lyft:

  • Driver’s age must be 21 years or more.
  • Drivers must have a driver’s license for more than a year with the experience of driving.

To enjoy its rides, you will need to follow a few steps by opening the Lyft app or site in your Android or iOS phone:

  1. You have to first open the site or app of Lyft and Sign-up.
  2. Enter your valid phone number in it.
  3. Then you have to choose the right one from the payment options shown below, in which you can pay: Credit Card, Google Wallet, and Link to an Apple Pay or PayPal Account Option.
  4. After a ride completed, drivers and passengers were given the opportunity to rate one another.

Car rides: 

In Car Rides you get a lot of car options so you can improve your ride:

Lyft: This is a basic and very popular option for car rides, connecting passenger with nearby drivers.

Lyft XL: In this ride the vehicle is paired with passenger, it can ride less than 6 passengers simultaneously. But this ride is a bit expensive from Lyft Ride.

Luxury: This ride is known by Lux Ride in which 4 passengers can ride together. In this, passengers are added with luxury vehicle.

Lux Black: In this ride matches passengers are connected with luxury black exterior vehicle. And it can ride 4 passers at one time. It is more expensive than the above rides.

Luxury Black XL: Passengers can ride 6 passengers simultaneously in their selected vehicle in this ride. There are mostly SUVs in it, which is why this ride is the most expensive ride.

Shared Ride: This ride is the cheapest. If both vehicles are heading towards the same direction, then the matched passengers can sit in another vehicle. But this ride is not available in all the cities.

Scooters:  To use Lyft’s Scooters Ride, it has to be unlocked with US $1 and 15% is charged per minute from the passenger during the ride.

Insurance of Drivers:  Due to the driver’s base on Contract, they are independent. Therefore, Lyft insures every driver under US $1 million Commercial Liability Policy with its drivers. This is the personal policy of every driver.

Download Lyft App

download lyft app

Its fun going outing on Lyft rides. Now let it get more easy and seamless. They provide app for both android as well iOS devices on Play Store and App Store respectably.

The Lyft app gives you a lot of benefits, with seem less payment and placing the cab lyft being the top of them. You can also easily redeem all the Lyft promo codes on the app.

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